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Come to stage

In Virlivals you get closer to your idol than ever before. Even our artists can slip into their avatar and move freely around the site when you're not on stage. Since we don't need a safety distance, you can step right in front of the stage and shake your artist's hand.

Come to your Virlivals Stage
Enjoy Virtual Events Anywhere with Virlivals

Wherever you are

Enjoy our festivals from anywhere, no matter where you are. Control your avatar from your phone, even without VR goggles. Watch the Virlivals live stream with authentic camera work and gaze over hundreds of thousands of partying guests! We are there for you and you are always there.

Those in real

We offer you real DJs without prefabricated production. Here they say if it's not real then it's not good. That's why we decided to perform every Virlivals concert live in real time. This is the only way to keep the authentic Feeling.

Live DJ by Virlivals
Virtual Reality Festivals by Virlivals

Be a part of Virlivals

Experience festivals in an ever-changing and growing world. Immerse yourself in a virtual detailed world. Feel free on spacious festival grounds. Be a part of Virlivals.

Change Your Life

Don't change your entire life. But get a good experience and see your stars whenever and wherever you want in Virlivals. Become part of a huge community and share experiences with each other. Explore other cultures and countries. Win new friends and enjoy exciting events together.

Virlivals Virtual Reality Festivals